About Us


The Asian Journeys Calligraphy Club (AJCC) was officially launched on 19 January 2019.  AJCC was birthed out of a passion to make Chinese culture and the foremost Chinese art form - Calligraphy (书法) - accessible to the young and the English-speaking world.

Lawrence Ko (Founder-Director, Asian Journeys Ltd) and Daniel Chen (Advisor) shared the vision with a group of friends and associates who had keen interest in Chinese arts and culture. They went on to form the AJCC - a calligraphy club 'with a difference'.


They also appointed Lai Wan Chung - a Singaporean calligrapher who represents the younger and bilingual generation - as the inaugural Club President.

The mission and charter of AJCC is threefold:


1. Making Chinese calligraphy and culture accessible to all.

2. Using innovative coaching methods to increase the joy and success of your calligraphic journey.

3. Cultivating character and offering an antidote to the stresses of modern living.

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LAI Wan Chung​   黎允中

President & Calligraphy Coach, Asian Journeys Calligraphy Club

Founding Member, International Left-Hand Calligraphy Association

Owner, Five Willows Calligraphy

2003 - Started his journey with brush and ink at the Singapore Calligraphy Centre

2010 - Joined Xi'an Calligraphy Centre (Southeast Asia Branch) to practise left-hand calligraphy

2013 - Became founding member of the International Left-Hand Calligraphy Association

2018 - Appointed inaugural President of the Asian Journeys Calligraphy Club

Our Team

Lawrence Ko - Advisor

Daniel Chen - Advisor

Lai Wan Chung - President & Calligraphy Coach

Teh Keng Liang - Vice-President

Peggy Szeto - Secretary

Linus Wee - Calligraphy Coach

Keith Khoo - Committee Member

Shirley Chong - Committee Member

Shan Shan - Committee Member


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