AJCC Calligraphy & Culture Journey

8 to 13 April 2020 (6 days)

DuJiangYan, Chengdu

都江堰 - 成都


  • Study Visit to DJY Calligraphy Club​

  • Calligraphy Retreat (on the mountain & by the waters!)

  • Visit Key Cultural Sites & Places of interest



8 Apr (Wed)

10.30am Check in Changi Airport 

12.30pm Depart Singapore

5.30pm. Arrive Chengdu Airport

8pm Check in DJY hotel and Dinner


9 Apr (Thu) 

9am Du Jiangyan Water Park

12pm Lunch

2pm Visit to DJY Church and class by Zhu laoshi

6pm Dinner

8pm Walk around DJY old town


10 Apr (Fri)

9am Qing Cheng Shan and Calligraphy on mountain

1pm Picnic lunch on mountain before descent

4pm Visit to YMCA and calligraphy with seniors

6pm Dinner

7pm Fellowship with DJY Church Calligraphy Club 


11 Apr (Sat)

9am Panda Valley

12pm Lunch

2pm  Liu Jie farm village and calligraphy with locals

6pm Dinner

8pm Calligraphy and Tea at Lianhua Tea House


12 Apr (Sun)

8am Check out hotel after breakfast 

9am Church service at DJY Church 

11am Lunch with DJY church leaders

1pm Depart for Chengdu 

3pm Check in Chengdu hotel

4pm Visit Chunxi Street 

6pm Dinner

8pm Free and Easy


13 Apr (Mon)

Am. Free and Easy

12pm Check out

1pm Lunch at Kuanzai Xiangkou

3pm Transfer to Airport

4pm Chengdu Airport 

6.30pm Depart Chengdu 

11.30pm Arrive in Singapore